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Explanation of symbols

Class 1 Class 1 Basic insulation and all exposed conductive parts connected to an earth terminal.
Class 2 Class 2 Basic and supplementary insulation in accordance with BS EN60598. No provision for an earth connection.
 Class 3 Class 3 Separated extra-low voltage. No voltages higher than 50v AC or 120v DC are generated. 
ENEC ENEC  The control gear in this fitting carries the ENEC (European Norms Electrical Certification) mark. Any control gear carrying this mark must be independently tested to meet both the safety and the performance requirements of the applicable standards.
 IP rating IP rating  All fittings are IP20 unless otherwise stated. A table of Ingress Protection values can be viewed here:  Ingress Protection Ratings
 ECA Enhanced Capital Allowance  The UK government allows the full value of lighting equipment to be deducted from taxable profit in the first year (rather than depreciated over several years), provided it meets certain energy efficiency and performance criteria. Where we show this symbol it means that at least some of the variants in the product range in question meet the criteria for this advantageous tax treatment. Please contact us for more details.
 Warranty term Warranty term  All our fittings are supplied with a 1 year warranty as standard. This symbol is used where applicable in relation to LED fittings to indicate a longer warranty, in years. This is subject to our standard terms and conditions but the following points are to be noted:
  • Fittings must be installed in accordance with instructions and specifically not in an ambient temperature that ever exceeds 25°C
  • Consumable items, such as fuses or batteries, are excluded
  • Lumen depreciation to 70% of initial lumens (L70) can occur within the warranty period and will not constitute a valid warranty claim
  • Warranties are stated in years, but are based on 15 hours/day, 365 days/year. If actual running hours exceed this the warranty (in years) is reduced accordingly
  • Our warranty is a "return-to-base, repair or replace" warranty and specifically excludes consequential losses and any on-site costs
 Anti-ligature Anti-ligature  When installed correctly this fitting is anti-ligature.
 IK10 IK10  Impact tested to withstand 20 Joules (5kg dropped from 400mm), in accordance with BS EN62262.
 IK10+ IK10+ Impact tested to withstand 40 Joules (10kg dropped from 400mm)
 IK10++ IK10++ Impact tested to withstand 80 Joules (20kg dropped from 400mm)