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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting without compromise.

All our emergency lighting products are now branded LiFe.

LITHIUM ONLY. LiFePO₄ is the best battery chemistry for emergency lighting, so we use it in all our LiFe products.

7-YEAR WARRANTY. All LiFe products carry a 7-year warranty, from the date of installation, and that includes the batteries.

ICEL ENDORSED. Many LiFe products are ICEL endorsed, having been independently tested to the highest standards, and our factories audited to ensure ongoing compliance. ICEL endorsement of the remaining LiFe products is in progress..

NEW EMERGENCY LIGHTING TEST OPTIONS. We now offer 4 emergency lighting test options. Emergency Comparison Table 

For a general introduction to the comparative advantages of the different methods of emergency lighting testing, please check "A Guide to Emergency Lighting - Testing"


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