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Why use LED lights?

LEDs are energy efficient, eco-friendly and will create significant saving on your electricity bill.

What's your email address for sales orders & enquiries?

What's the minimum order for carriage paid?

£250 is minimum value for carriage, anything below is subject to a charge.

What are your opening hours?

8:30am - 5:00pm (Mon – Thurs). 8:00am – 4:30pm (Friday).

Can we send our own carriers to collect?

Yes. Between 8:30 – 3:30

What is an IP rating?

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating of an electrical product, is a guide that’s used to detail the strength of an enclosure that surrounds electrical components. They are primarily graded by their level of resistance against dust and water. Find out more about IP ratings here.

Are your LED panels TP(a) or TP(b) rated?

Our Fulton/Fargo LED panel are TP(b) rated and available in Opal & Micoprismatic (UGR<19) diffuser. Our Sterling LED panels are TP(a) rated – Available in Opal & Microprismatic (UGR<19).

What dimming do you offer on your LED lighting?

We offer Dali (DD), Switch Dim (SD/DD) and corridor function (CF).

Are NVC luminaires flicker free?

The vast majority our product-range contain enec approved, flicker free drivers. (Please refer to luminaire specific data sheets).

What type of controls can you use with your products?

You can either use Dali control or a push to make retractive switch (bell push). You must not use standard mains dimmers.

Do you hold stock in the UK?

Our midlands-based warehouse holds an extensive volume of UK stock.

Do you offer an on-site warranty and for how long?

Please, find our warranty conditions *here.*

Are your Emergency fittings self-test?

We have self-test options for both dedicated emergency and standard products. For further information, download NVC Lighting catalogue

Where can I find the spec sheets for your LED fittings?

The spec sheets can be downloaded from their individual pages, in the product section.

What are my options if the LED luminaire I want is out of stock?

For enquiries regarding stock, please contact