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ICEL Endorsement is a product quality assurance scheme for emergency lighting and emergency lighting components.

ICEL is the Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting. It is part of the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) and the committee is comprised of specialists in the field of emergency lighting. The ICEL Endorsement scheme is administered and managed by the LIA Laboratory.


Emergency lighting is mandatory in almost all buildings other than private residential premises in the UK. It performs a vital and safety critical function and in every building where it is installed the “Responsible Person” (as defined by the Regulatory Reform Order 2005) must ensure that it is correctly installed, maintained and regularly tested. Failure to do so can result in heavy fines and even imprisonment.

Therefore, emergency lighting users have requested a system of quality assurance that guarantees (as far as is practically possible) that the emergency lighting they use meets the relevant product standards.

This is the purpose of ICEL Endorsement.


ICEL Endorsement includes the following elements:

  • Product conformity to BS EN 60598-2-22 This is the standard for all self-contained emergency lighting. ICEL Endorsement is therefore primarily a product quality assurance scheme. It is an assurance that an emergency fitting, when new, meets in full the requirements of the relevant standard.
              -  Annual audits of endorsed products by the LIA Laboratory check that any changes to the product do not contravene the latest version of the standard and that any changes to the standard are reflected, as necessary, in the product for which re-endorsement is being sought.
  • Supplier quality assurance. For a product to be ICEL Endorsed it is also necessary that the supplier should be a member of ICEL and should have passed the LIA Quality Assurance Emergency Lighting audit.
             -  An audit of a supplier of ICEL Endorsed products is carried out annually to check that the necessary procedures, training and expertise remain in place to support the continued manufacture and/or supply of emergency lighting products.
  • Product registration. Where a product and its supplier are in compliance with 1 & 2 above the product in question is given a numbered certificate and this is logged on the LIA/ICEL website. Registration is valid for 1 year and is then subject to an audit as in 1 & 2 (above). Prospective purchasers of emergency lighting can check the LIA/ICEL website to see if the products they are considering are ICEL Endorsed.
  • Product identification. An ICEL Endorsed product can carry this mark to indicate its status:

ICEL Endorsement


ICEL Endorsement is one of the highest levels of assurance available that an emergency lighting product meets the requirements of the relevant standard. There are many steps that a “Responsible Person” can take to avoid the risk that they are accused of negligence with respect to emergency lighting. Choosing ICEL Endorsed products is one such step.


NVC Lighting has a full range of ICEL Endorsed emergency lighting products. Our Technical Manager, Peter Adams, is a member of the LIA Emergency Lighting Technical Committee. If you have any questions, please contact him at

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