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This article is intended to give guidance to someone who has received an NVC light fitting, who thinks it might be equipped with a dimming driver and wants to know how to wire it correctly.

If you are not familiar with installing dimming in a commercial / industrial setting (as opposed to installing a mains dimmer in a private house, for example) you might like to read some background information first. This article will take you back to the basics of dimming and explain why dimming in a commercial setting is different from dimming in a domestic setting. What is dimming? 

You will be able to check if the fitting you have received includes a dimming driver by checking the carton label and/or the product label. If a dimming driver is provided the order code will include one of the following suffixes:

1. DA – dimming via a DALI control signal
2. DD – dimming with a DALI or switch-dim control signal
If you would like to familiarise yourself with DALI, we suggest you read this article. What is DALI?
3. 1-10 – dimming with a 1-10V analogue control signal
4. DAM3 – DALI addressable test only
5. DA/DAM3 – dimming with a DALI control signal and with DALI addressable emergency test

To read more about DALI addressable emergency test systems, check this article. DALI addressable emergency test systems.

If the driver and/or emergency module is located inside the fitting, or in an enclosure we provide for them, you will be wiring to the terminal block we supply.  If the driver is located outside the fitting (as with some LED panels and downlights, for example) you will be wiring direct to the driver.

how to wire an NVC fitting diagram

how to wire NVC fitting diagram 2

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