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LED Panels

Led Panels

We have 4 LED panels that appear, at first glance, to be very similar – LINCOLN, STERLING, FULTON and BISMARCK. They are all 600 x 600 and are all for lay-in installation in grid ceilings, but there are important differences between them, as follows:

  • Surface, suspended and pull-up installation. STERLING & FULTON are also suitable for surface, suspended and pull-up installation. Details of the various installation kits required (suspension wires etc) are on the individual product pages.
  • UGR<19. STERLING & FULTON, when installed in a typical application, will deliver a lighting design with a UGR<19. For details of UGR, what it means and how it is calculated, please read article What is UGR? .
  • TP(a) / TP(b). LINCOLN, STERLING & BISMARCK all have a TP(a) rated diffuser and can therefore be used anywhere as part of a ceiling (except in “protected stairways”) without having to check the spacings. FULTON has a TP(b) rated diffuser that is permissible in all areas (except “protected stairways”) but there are some restrictions on spacings of TP(b) diffusers that should be checked before a final selection is made. For details of TP(a), TP(b) and the restriction that apply to the use of TP(b) rated diffusers, please read article What are TP(a) and TP(b) in relation to lighting? 
  • Edge-lit v back-lit. FULTON & STERLING are edge-lit while BISMARCK is back-lit. For details of the differences between back-lit and edge-lit, please read article What is the difference between edge lit and back lit led panels ? 
  • IP Rating. BISMARCK is IP54, so is suitable for clean rooms and food prep areas. STERLING is IP44 so can be used in toilets and changing rooms. LINCOLN & FULTON are both IP40, suitable for general purpose use.



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