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Selecta Systems


NVC provides window into cost and energy efficient lighting for Selecta Systems

Selecta Systems is a uPVC window and door profile systems extruder and distributor that has been operating from the West Midlands for almost 40 years and now generates annual turnover of more than £20million.

As a family run company which is keen to provide the best working environment for its more than 120 employees, Selecta regularly upgrades its lighting to achieve a well-lit environment that is pleasant for staff as well as energy efficient.

Selecta has been working with NVC and specifying a range of our products for use throughout his nine acre site over many years. There are now more than 100 NVC LED panels, industrial luminaires and floodlights that have been installed by Selecta’s maintenance team.

These include 29W STERLING IP44, 600x600 side-lit LED panels for the showroom, reception, corridors and offices that have been fitted with NVC’s emergency conversion packs. They were used to replace the previous T8 four 18W fittings saving in excess of £30,000 per annum as well as requiring less maintenance.

OREGON IKO9, IP20 rated industrial luminaires fitted with PIR to improve energy usage efficiency have been installed in the factory and warehouse and COUGAR, IK08, IP65 rated LED asymmetric floodlights illuminate Selecta Systems’ external walkways and car park.

Selecta’s General Manager said: “We keep coming back to NVC for many reasons. Importantly their products are good quality and provide value. Although we could probably buy cheaper, NVC also gives us trustworthy advice about their own products and lighting generally. They don’t overcomplicate things and nothing is too much trouble. This sort of support is invaluable when you are running a demanding business.”

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