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We ensure that your wholesalers hold stock of the key NVC product lines, so NVC products are available on demand.

The product ranges we offer are tiered, with the “Core” products focusing on maximum value, and the “Contractor” ranges offering higher performance, along with other added value features.   

This guarantees that whether you need a robust, well warranted, but more basic product, NVC has an offering, yet for added value requirements that may be more project or commercial in application, we can offer a leading technical or functional solution.


Enhancing your tendering process



NVC offers a professional lighting design service (using the latest DIALUX and RELUX software), will construct comprehensive technical submissions, and even project specific brochures.

This is all in place to ensure that our contractor customers are in the best possible position to convert enquiries and bids into live projects, and to do this with the minimum of effort.

Our Business Development Managers, who are operating in the field, are in place to provide the project management support you need, to interpret the customer’s requirements, specify the optimum products, construct the bid, then execute the project.

We have multiple case-studies that we can introduce to you, and your customers, to substantiate this.

Aftercare (NIC-EIC Accredited)

We provide a generous, and tiered warranty structure that can even be customised to meet specific  project needs. NVC’s warranties can also include “site warranties”, that contract NVC to provide on-site replacement and installation.

Our in-house technical support department consists of experienced engineers that hold mechanical, electrical, and electronic qualifications, and can offer comprehensive assistance with our products or their installation.


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