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University of Brighton


Self-test emergency lighting system teaches university how to improve safety, while cutting costs

One of the UK’s leading modern universities which has more than 20,000 students studying across four campuses, recently asked NVC to help upgrade its emergency lighting system to meet BS 5266-1 requirements.

NVC developed lighting calculations for the university’s corridors and its larger education rooms on one of their campuses that proposed a combination of Nebraska IP65 rated, LED emergency bulkheads and Seneca IP40 rated, recessed, non-maintained, LED emergency luminaires fitted with a DALI addressable wireless monitoring system that provides control over, and communication between, the lighting. NVC’s Arlington versatile IP20 rated, LED emergency exit sign were also installed across the university’s buildings.

The university compared NVC with several other suppliers and decided to choose their fittings for several reasons. They already had experience of NVC’s products so their installers were familiar with them. But more importantly they had been impressed with the quality of the products, the value they provide and the support service NVC offers.

The University’s Electrical Engineer says: “The new system allows us to remotely check whether all lights are functional as well as other system issues, and also enables us to check on the energy use of each individual light. It also facilitates testing of the emergency lighting to meet regulatory standards to happen automatically without the need for someone to physically do it which risks missed tests or failing to spot a malfunctioning fitting.”

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