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It takes a lot of bright sparks to help the world get brighter. We’re a very close-knit team with different skillsets but unanimous goals.

We stand by a set of values ingrained in the fabric of our company culture and how we operate as a business.

NVC Company Values

  • Creativity and Innovation – We incorporate forward thinking and creativity into all aspects of our organisation.
  • Teamwork – Regardless of department, role or hierarchy we are all one team.
  • Customer focus – Ensuring products and service are established with simplicity and the convenience of the end-user at heart.
  • Respect – We believe in respect, dignity and honesty being shown to our staff, partners and customers.
  • Quality and Compliance– We conduct independent product testing and are ISO9001 certified. We create products made to European standards - to last and exceed their warranty period.
  • Environmental awareness – We care about the people and environment around us. At NVC UK, we actively engage and encourage charity work and recycling.

We are currently looking for a Product Technician. This is a new, junior position. To find out more about the role and how to apply, please Product Technician vacancy

If you are not suitable for this position but think you have the right skills and values to join the NVC team please get in touch using the contact form below.


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