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Guhring Birmingham,UK


Guhring Limited manufactures precision cutting tools and allied tooling for the engineering & manufacturing industries. It provides vast standard ranges as well as tools made to meet customers’ specifications.

Guhring’s 60,000 sq. ft UK manufacturing centre is in Birmingham where the company employs around 100 people. The company is keen to provide the best working environment for its staff and is also focussed on running a more sustainable business.

It was a combination of these objectives that led to the replacement of the lighting on the factory shop floor for newer technology that would be more reliable, use less energy and improve the working environment.

Guhring’s Maintenance Engineer Brad Fisher chose NVC’s KELSO IP20 LED low-bay industrial luminaires because of the company’s good reputation and the product’s quality, price and extensive warranty.

60 x KELSO luminaires were installed by their maintenance team.

Brad said: “The lights have made a massive difference to the look of the factory, as well as giving 50% more light output and saving us 5w per hour per light.”

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