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eMobility Systems


NVC lighting solution helps manufacture to improve productivity and cuts costs

A global supplier of eMobility systems recently installed NVC Lighting products in its Yorkshire production plant and sales and support offices.

The need for innovative lighting solutions

When the T8 fluorescent tube lighting in its workshop area started to fail, the company needed to find replacement fittings that would improve the working environment. It was vital that the chosen solution offered good clear lighting emanating from high levels so that their engineers can carry out their work efficiently and without straining their eyes.

They approached their local reseller, Edmundson Electrical in Bradford, for advice on which products would be best for their requirements who recommended NVC Lighting partly because of their high quality, cost-effective product range and also because NVC offers free lighting design services.

The NVC Lighting team visited the company’s site to assess how they were working, what they wanted to accomplish and how NVC could help them to achieve it.

NVC Lighting`s tailored solution

NVC Lighting recommended TEXAS Pro high efficiency LED battens which come in a range of sizes and wattages. They are also available as standard, self-test and addressable self-test emergency variants, all of which come with lithium batteries. Optional dimming options and sensors are also available. NVC’s report showed that installing the TEXAS Pro fittings would increase lux levels from 300 to 500 at floor level.

The company has now deployed more than 80 TEXAS Pro fittings.

Impressive product reliability

NVC Lighting’s TEXAS Pro battens have produced outstanding results, with not a single failure despite the significant size of installation. This level of reliability exceeded our customer’s expectations. Furthermore, they anticipate savings of approximately £20,000, thanks to requiring fewer fixtures while achieving improved lux levels. When they consider upgrading lighting in other areas of their facility, they intend to explore NVC`s product offerings.

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