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Bracknell Leisure Centre


Bracknell Leisure Centre is a sports entertainment complex based in Bracknell, Berkshire, England. Their facilities include three swimming pools, which boasts award winning swimming lessons.

Along with this feat, Bracknell Leisure Centre is home to a state of the arts gym, fitness studios, spa, outdoor pitch, athletics facilities and a multi-use sports hall.

Their sports hall is used for a wide range of activities of sports including 5-aside football, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, netball and basketball. Due to its varied usage, the sports hall is almost always in use. Unfortunately, a significant number of their sports hall luminaires began failing and did not adequately light the area.


In collaboration with DC electrical supply ltd, we quickly established a long-term solution that would consistently light up their heavily used hall and be easy to install for user convenience. By using our highly efficient Oregon V2 LED luminaire we also ensured a cost-effective solution, with up to 142 Lumens per circuit watt.

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