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Linear Fluorescent Lamp Data

Light Source Included

Many of the fittings listed in this catalogue are sold with their respective light source.

We have adopted the 3-digit colour coding system for light sources (Lamps or LEDs). Where this 3-digit code is shown at the end of the Order Code for a product it indicates that the product in question is supplied complete with that particular light source. Where the 3-digit code is not shown it indicates that the fitting is supplied without light source.

The 3-digit code is structured as follows:

Digit 1 - This indicates the colour rendering index of the light source, or Ra. For example:
2 = Ra in the range of 20-29 (a relatively poor colour rendering, only suitable in certain circumstances)
8 = Ra in the range of 80-89 (a good colour rendering, suitable for a wide variety of applications).

Digits 2 & 3 - These indicate the colour temperature of the light source in hundreds of Kelvins. For example:
35 = 3500 Kelvin
40 = 4000 Kelvin

Most of our light fittings are colour 840 or 850, meaning that their colour rendering is in the range of 80-89 and their colour temperature is 4000K or 5000K. Most of our exterior fittings are colour 740.


All the products in this catalogue conform to BS EN 60598 and the relevant European directives. While every effort is made to ensure that the information printed in this catalogue is accurate, we reserve the right to change a product’s specification at any time without notice.