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NVC Lighting dimming control options

There are three types of dimming control signal that we offer as standard options and it may be helpful to think of them as languages – a means by which the driver is told what to do.

The three types of dimming control signal we offer are as follows:

DALI dimming control signals wiring schema explained


Typically, a DALI control signal will be generated by a sensor or a lighting control system. Manually operated rotary knobs that generate a DALI control signal are available (at some cost), but if pure manual control is required we would usually recommend switch dim as the simpler and more economical solution.

Switch Dim wiring schema explained


Switch dim is a means of controlling a luminaire via a retractive switch. It is a low-cost, intuitive and easy-to-install approach to providing manual dimming control.

Dimming Corridor Schema Wiring Explained


Corridor function can be operated by an occupancy sensor, time switch or manual switch. When the switch contact is “made” the light output will be 100%; when the contact is broken the light output will be 10%, or some other value that may be programmed in the driver or control gear.

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