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Mymesh Smart Lighting Control Solutions

NVC Lighting is pleased to announce its partnership with Chess, this allows the Chess Mymesh system to be integrated into our luminaires.

Throughout the website Mymesh logo indicates the products that are compatible with the system. This is an extensive and varied range suitable for large infrastructure projects, such as superstores, shopping centres, hospitals, airports and other projects of that scale. In addition, in can also be used in smaller projects. Chess wireless systems can cater for indoor and outdoor applications. Chess has its own monitoring software; in addition, it can also be used with an API interface to integrate with other management software that can make use of the data.


Mymesh Smart Lighting Control Solutions

The key benefits of the system are : 


The system has a high level of security with encryption on all levels, node to node, node to commissioning, system to cloud. The owner is control of access without the inherent security issues associated with other wireless based systems. Once a node is added to the network, only the network can access it. Security has encryption and authentication, making it suitable for high security installations such as prisons and military.


The system is scalable from 1 luminaire to 10,000.


Chess uses a mesh network with propriety communication protocol. The protocol is radio agnostic and is used with 2.4ghz (indoor) and 868Mhz (outdoors). It uses synchronised communication and most of the time is silent, it is only active for a small time when sending messages. For this reason the communication signal strength is strong and has a higher range, interference from other systems is minimised.

Mymesh NVC Lighting UK installation at Bluewatter Shopping CenterMymesh lets you connect, control, monitor and analyse large wireless networks. It is suitable for the following applications :

• On/Off and Dimming Luminaires

• Daylight Harvesting

• Wireless - presence or light sensors

• Scheduling light levels throughout the day.

• Self Test and monitoring of Emergency lights

• Monitoring of luminaire parameters and fault diagnostics.

• The detectors can also be used to provide security and commercial teams with movement information

o Security - Reporting events

o Footfall and Occupancy


Mymesh is a proven lighting control application for use in government, public, industrial and commercial spaces.

Mymesh Smart Lighting Control Solutions can be used with the following ranges  Addison, Bismarck, Greenland, Preston, Sterling, Oregon, Yale

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