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Electricity prices are set to rise – again. Our electricity bills already carry an average 23% levy to help fund low-carbon initiatives and we will need more of these to get us to zero carbon, so levies will almost certainly rise.

Cost reduction remains a key reason to invest in lighting controls. As electricity costs rise the pay-back on controls that dim lights down or switch them of altogether becomes more attractive.

In the meantime…

Climate change is forcing us to think again. Reducing carbon emissions is not enough - the new target is net-zero, and that means our renewables capacity will often be stretched to the limit. Commercial lighting accounts for c 12.5% of all UK electricity consumption, so lighting controls can have a significant role in driving power consumption down to help us reach net-zero.

Wellness is now mainstream. The challenge to all landlords and facilities managers in our workplaces, post COVID-19, is to create human centric spaces. They need to encourage employees back to work, to an environment that supports their physical and mental health and is conducive to high productivity. Lighting controls that help create healthy and productive indoor spaces are an essential part of building us back to a better normal.

Our 5-level approach to lighting controls mean that we have solutions available for every size and budget of project, helping you to achieve your cost reduction, climate change and wellness targets.


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