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Priestley College


Extreme Low Energy delivers a lesson in saving energy to thriving college

Priestley College became a sixth form in 1979 and by 2009 had doubled in size thanks, in part, to significant improvements to the campus. Since 1999 more than £15 million has been invested in a wide range of projects.

Recently this included upgrading lighting that would not only achieve better environments for learners and staff, it would also reduce the cost of energy usage.

Priestley College asked low energy product specialist Extreme Low Energy to design a lighting scheme that would achieve these objectives.

Electrical Designer Matthew McHugh presented the lighting calculations that would be achieved by installing a range of NVC products including:

FULTON IP40, 600x600 and side-lit LED panels for UGR<19 compliant lighting schemes in classrooms and hallways

TEXAS our LED economical batten luminaire alternative, which can be used as a direct replacement for outdated fluorescent battens in storerooms

CLEVELAND IK10, IP65 rated Industrial luminaires that are suitable for surface and suspended installations in the kitchens.

KANSAS emergency luminaires for the sports hall

As well as AZTEC IP65 rated, high-output LED circular, UFO high-bay Industrial luminaires, NEBRASKA square IP65 rated, LED emergency bulkheads that have polycarbonate bases,  combined diffuser gear trays with quick release restraints and loop-in/loop-out, push release terminals to allow quick and easy installation  and PORTLAND round IP54 rated decorative LED circular bulkheads that have polycarbonate bases, bezels and micro-prismatic controllers and come with an integrated, ENEC approved flicker free LED drivers.

In total more than 350 NVC light fittings installed by Extreme Low Energy.

This should result in total energy savings of over 54% with a payback of around 14 months saving Priestley College approximately £56,000 over five years.

Matthew McHugh says: “We have used NVC products on several school and college projects because we are confident that they’ll be straightforward to install, deliver the required performance and offer value for money.”

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