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Morgan & Quinn


Morgan and Quinn has been trading for over 30 years and has built strong relationships with many of the leading flooring brands to offer its customers a wide range of carpet and other products to meet their varying needs.

The company has three stores in Yorkshire. Recently its Goole shop wanted to improve the experience it provides to its customers by replacing the lighting, which comprised a mix of suspended and panel fittings, with 600 x 600 panels that would offer consistent, high quality light levels as well as increased efficiency to reduce energy usage.

They asked contractor Upgrade Electrical Ltd to recommend and install appropriate LED lighting who turned to Rexel in Hull for support. They sought advice from NVC whose lighting design team proposed a solution incorporating 70 NVC panels.

Anthony Renzo from Upgrade Electrical said: “NVC’s products are easy to fit, simple and reliable. They provide the best value with high quality products at a great price that are in stock when we need them.”

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