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Gatwick Airport


When specifying the lighting for two new aircraft hangars for EasyJet at London’s Gatwick Airport, Platinum Electrical Engineering opted to work with industry experts at NVC Lighting. The result was an installation that met strict industry regulations, energy efficiency and budgetary requirements.

As well as fulfilling the need to store aircraft when not in use, the hangars are required for regular maintenance, overhaul, repair, and inspection tasks. With the aviation industry operating 24/7/365, it is vital that this specialist and often intricate work has the correct lighting levels needed to perform these tasks around the clock, whatever the weather.

THE NVC LED Solution 

No stranger to dealing with complex lighting requirements for industrial buildings, NVC’s solution provided the combination of appropriate illuminance levels across a huge space, the need for continuous operation and a requirement for effective energy and operational efficiency.

The energy efficiency, superior light quality and minimal maintenance requirements of NVC’s Oregon LED luminaire made it the ideal choice. The height of hangar ceilings can make changing lamps and fittings a laborious, time-consuming and expensive task. The project needed a light source that would not require frequent replacement, resulting in less expense, enhanced energy efficiency and reduced downtime.

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