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Cottingham Tigers Rugby


Cottingham Tigers is a Rugby League team in Hull which is in the heart of the game’s homeland. Formed around 20 years ago as a means for the youngsters of Cottingham and the surrounding area to enjoy the game of rugby league the club has grown over the years. Now approximately 200 children and young people enjoy the benefits of organised coaching and training at the club at least twice a week.

The club provides organised rugby league throughout the year at every age group with training take place in the evenings. This means that during the winter months it is dark for most of the training sessions so effective floodlighting is key.Recently

Recently the club looked for options to reduce the running costs of their lighting while improving the light levels. They approached specialist contractor APL Technical Services for advice and APL’s director Andy Lyons proposed a lighting design based on NVC’s LYNX IK08, IP66 rated LED asymmetric floodlights.

Andy said: “Wherever possible I specify NVC because not only do their products provide excellent quality and value, their customer service is the best in the business!”

APL installed 20 300W LYNX fittings to replace the NVC fittings that had been installed more than 10 years previously and are expected to reduce both the club’s electricity and maintenance bills.

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