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Coton End Primary School


Illuminating Success: Coton End Primary School`s LED Lighting Upgrade

Coton End Primary School, nestled in the heart of Warwick, prides itself on providing a comprehensive and enriching curriculum for over 400 young learners. The school is dedicated to creating an optimal learning environment that fosters academic excellence and positive behaviour among its pupils.

Fostering Academic Brilliance with a Broad, Rich Curriculum

Recognising the vital role that lighting quality and temperature play in influencing children`s learning abilities and behaviour, the school recently decided to upgrade its lighting system from fluorescent battens to more efficient LED lighting. To accomplish this transformation, they sought the expertise of Dodd Group, the trusted planned and reactive M&E repairs and maintenance provider for Warwickshire County Council. Together with NVC Lighting, the school embarked on a mission to implement a solution that would not only enhance light levels but also significantly reduce energy usage.

Lighting`s Impact on Learning and Behaviour

The challenge at hand for Coton End Primary School was twofold: firstly, to find a lighting solution that would create an optimal learning environment for the students, promoting improved concentration and behaviour. Secondly, they aimed to achieve greater energy efficiency and sustainability to reduce the school`s carbon footprint and operating costs. Balancing these objectives required a strategic approach that would not disrupt the school`s routine and learning activities during the installation process.

Dodd Group and NVC Lighting`s Sustainable Upgrade

Understanding the significance of lighting quality on students` academic performance and well-being, Dodd Group collaborated with NVC Lighting, renowned for its reliable products and comprehensive 5-year warranty. Their proposed solution involved transitioning from fluorescent battens to LED lighting, ensuring appropriate and improved light levels throughout the school premises. The advantage of selecting like-for-like fittings meant that the installation process was seamless and caused minimal disruption to the school`s daily operations.

Ron Walker, the Electrical Contracts Engineer at Dodd Group, expressed his confidence in NVC Lighting`s offerings, stating, "NVC`s products are always reliable, and its CORE range covers virtually all applications and comes with a comprehensive 5-year warranty."

A Brighter Future: Savings, Efficiency, and Environmental Responsibility

The implementation of NVC`s range of LED lighting fixtures not only enhanced the learning environment but also resulted in substantial energy savings. Over a span of 5 years, Coton End Primary School is projected to save an impressive £44,000 while significantly reducing carbon emissions by almost 12 tons. This forward-thinking solution not only benefits the school`s financial sustainability but also aligns with its commitment to environmental responsibility, setting a positive example for the students and the community.

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