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Birmingham New Street Station


Birmingham New Street is the largest and busiest of the three main railway stations in the Birmingham City Centre, England. It is a central hub of the British railway system

Recently it went through a 5-year, £750 million transformation which has led to the station being redeveloped into one of Britain’s most aesthetically pleasing rail hubs.

The NVC LED solution 

Now 5 times the size of the original station, adding 92 extra trains to its fleet and boosting its daily passenger capacity from 170,000 to 240,000. It was important for New Street’s regeneration to be as exemplary externally as it on the inside.

NVC Lighting were called on to provide external lighting for the station’s entrance and we exceeded the projects needs, with our Belfry LED Streetlight. The glossy road luminaire is not only technically fit for purpose but looks the part too!

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