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AGA Rangemaster


Achieving Brilliance: AGA Rangemaster’s LED Lighting Upgrade

The world famous Rangemaster cookers have been manufactured in Leamington Spa for almost 200 years. Now part of the AGA Rangemaster Group, the foundry in Leamington was built in 1833 and many years later, in 2002, the site was transformed into a centre of excellence for range cooking with exceptional facilities including a state-of-the-art Research & Development facility.  Alongside this is Rangemaster’s xmsq warehouse from which xno of products are shipped around the globe every year.

Controlling Energy Usage and Improving Working Conditions

Key to the efficiency of this impressive logistics operation is effective lighting. This not only makes for a more pleasant and productive working environment, it also reduces energy usage resulting in a lower carbon footprint and lower energy bills.

Site Survey Identifies Where Cost Savings Could Be Made

Recently AGA Rangemaster commissioned Lockwell Electrical  in Coventry to specify lighting that would achieve all these objectives. Lockwell’s Profit Centre Manager Jake Derry turned to NVC Lighting to develop a site survey for the Leamington Spa warehouse which proposed a solution that would result in the installation of fewer fittings, reducing the time the electrical contractor needed to spend on the project resulting in cost savings from the beginning.

Lockwell Electrical and NVC Lighting’s Sustainable Upgrade

More than 80 of NVC Lighting’s JUPITER high bays were installed, with optional emergency and plug-in microwave sensors fitted. These high performance fittings come in 100W, 150W and 200W versions achieving efficiency up to 167 l.lm/c.W. Other options available include refractors, reflectors and stirrup mounting brackets.

Jake Derry said: “We always use NVC because their products offer very good quality at their price point. Also, their support is excellent from when they first come on site to undertake surveys through ordering processes to deliver and after sales back up.”

A Brighter Choice: Cost Savings, Reduced Carbon Footprint and Productivity

The solution proposed by NVC reduced the number of fittings from 103 to 85 while achieving better light levels an impressive energy saving of 11.9 tonnes of carbon annually.

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