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Parts Alliance


Parts Alliance is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of automotive parts to the independent aftermarket.

Their aim is to be the best supplier, employer, and customer within the automotive aftermarket. As a result, they constantly strive to stay ahead of competition by improving key areas of The Parts Alliance and maintaining their position as an industry leader.

The NVC LED Solution

To continue paving the way as an industry leader, Parts Alliance Birmingham understood the importance of a productive environment not only for the manufacturing and efficiency of their products but for the wellbeing of their staff.

Together with P W Group Services, NVC Lighting provided a cost-effective solution for their operational lighting needs. The use of our Phoenix LED batten, eliminated the need for energy draining, fluorescent battens. In addition, we provided a corridor function (CF)  which dims the lighting to 10% when nobody is present; establishing a cost and energy efficient lighting solution.

The use of our Sterling LED panel established a warm ambiance with its pleasant tone. Crafted with a PMMA light guide plate, the risk of premature yellowing is minimised. As a result, their working and break areas are simultaneously more pleasant to work in.

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