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Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

New technology makes sophisticated controls more cost-effective and accessible than before.

Till recently, sophisticated lighting controls with features such as daylight dimming, flexible grouping and addressable emergency test were the preserve of large projects with big budgets. Typically, these projects used wired DALI systems.

Recent developments in wireless mesh-networking and app development have brought these facilities, and more, within the reach of medium sized projects with more modest budgets.

In response, we have updated the ranges of lighting control solutions we offer. Our level 3 solutions now include 3 different wireless control systems, Philips’ MasterConnect, Casambi and Inventronics’ HubSense. These are ideal for many medium sized projects and their functionality can include addressable emergency test.

Wired DALI solutions are by no means obsolete. On large projects, especially over a dispersed estate, a wired DALI solution is still the preferred option and the solutions we offer for these applications continue to be popular.


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