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LED Panels

Led Panels

We have 5 ranges of LED panels that appear, at first glance, to be very similar. Please check here for a table summarising the differences.

  • UGR<19. LINCOLN, STERLING, FULTON & FLORIDA, when installed in a typical application and with the micro-prismatic controller we offer, will deliver a UGR<19. For details of UGR, please read "What is UGR?" .
  • TP(a) / TP(b). LINCOLN, STERLING & BISMARCK all have TP(a) rated diffusers/controllers and can therefore be used anywhere (except in “protected stairways”) as part of a ceiling without having to check spacings. FULTON and FLORIDA both have TP(b) rated diffusers/controllers. These can be widely used but there are spacing restrictions that should be checked before a design is finalised.
    For details,please read  "What are TP(a) and TP(b) in relation to lighting?" 
  • Edge-lit v back-lit. FULTON and STERLING are edge lit, while FLORIDA and BISMARCK are back-lit. To understand the differences, please read “What is the difference between edge-lit and back-lit LED panels?
  • Dimensions. All our LED panels are available as 600 x 600. FULTON is also available as 1200 x 600



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