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Emergency products

LED Emergency Lighting

Almost all non-residential buildings require emergency lighting. Our product range of dedicated emergency light fittings covers all the most common requirements and they are all available with the latest lithium battery technology.

Dedicated emergency lighting

These fittings provide illumination in the event of a power failure. They are typically available as:

• Maintained (M3). They work on mains power, automatically switching to using their batteries for up to at least 3 hours when mains power fails, or

• Non-maintained (NM3). They are normally off and only switch on using their batteries for up to at least 3 hours when mains power fails.


Signage is obligatory at key points on an escape route. We offer two styles of signage:


Euro Legend Man running towards door • Euro legends. These are compliant with the European Signs Directive. They use an image of a man running towards a door. 


iso 7010 legend led exit sign man running towards door • ISO7010 & BS5266. Often known as “ISO7010 legends”, these use of an image of a man running through a door.


Emergency conversion kits

Our emergency conversion kits ( N/REC/M3/PACK/V2 & N/REC/STM3/PACK/V2) enable our standard LED panels and downlights to be converted to either maintained (M3) or self-test maintained (STM3) emergency versions.


We are leading the way in removing cadmium (a toxic heavy metal) from our Pro product range. Battery technology has now changed to lithium iron phosphate in all of our Pro emergency fittings and emergency conversion kits, which is both environmentally friendly and also delivers better performance in every respect.

Find out more by downloading our new emergency lighting brochure


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