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Warehouse lighting for inside and out

NVC’s in-house team can design the optimum warehouse lighting solution for your specific requirements and provide the most appropriate products to meet your needs.


    Customers expect the right goods, on-time. That requires good lighting that helps avoid mis-picks and errors.
    Warehouse operators need to drive down their energy costs.
    Employers and employees benefit from good quality, flicker-free lighting. It increases productivity and reduces eye-strain, fatigue and absenteeism.

NVC offers class-leading energy efficiency and easy-to use controls that dim the lights down when an area is unoccupied.


    Vehicles, pedestrians and 24 hour operations can be a dangerous combination.
    Dark areas increase the risks.
    Poorly illuminated entrances and perimeters attract intruders

NVC’s range of outdoor lighting is suitable for a wide range of applications including car parks, walkways and marshalling areas.

Whether you are responsible for a warehouse and are looking for a high-performance lighting solution, a contractor needing a value engineering option or an installer looking for a readily available cost-effective option, NVC can help. So please take a look at our warehouse lighting brochure or download it by clicking on the arrow.

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