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Arville Textiles is based in West Yorkshire, UK, and is a specialist manufacturer of high-performance fabrics for aerospace, defence and emergency services applications in particular. Their premises were lit mostly with T8 battens and many were approaching the end of their service life.

TSP Electrical are Arville’s preferred contractor and they approached NVC through their local wholesaler.

Our Phoenix LED Surface mount battens were an easy choice for Arville and TSP Electrical for three main reasons. First, with the choice of 4’, 5’ and 6’ sizes, in standard and high-output variants, the PHOENIX LED batten is a genuine 1:1 replacement for T8 battens. Although we are happy to offer a lighting design service, in this situation it just wasn’t necessary.

Second, our battens are offered with a full range of attachments, so replacing the existing battens, which were mostly fitted with steel reflectors, with the LED equivalents also with steel reflectors ensured that the same light distribution was retained.

Third, the NVC battens are offered with a very cost-effective micro-wave sensor. In areas of the factory, such as the stores, where occupancy is intermittent, this was identified as an opportunity for additional energy savings that could not easily be achieved with the old fluorescent battens. Because the sensor fits directly to the end of the batten the installation cost is minimised.

This project with Arville Textiles shows that the PHOENIX LED batten range is a genuine 1:1 replacement for traditional battens, minimising installation costs and maximising energy savings. The client is delighted with the end result – they have achieved substantial energy savings and the light levels, especially in the inspection areas, have been increased significantly.


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