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David Young Community Academy is in Seacroft, Leeds. The whole school has been undergoing a gradual lighting refurbishment and NVC are pleased to have been involved in many parts of this.

One area where the lighting was in particular need of an upgrade was here, in the design technology workshop. Originally, this was lit with twin 58W switch-start IP65 fittings which were becoming unreliable, and the average light level was only about 250 lux.

Knowing how much better our twin 4’ GREENLAND fittings would perform than the existing twin 5’ fittings, we proposed them as 1:1 replacements, and the client duly fitted them.

These have yielded massive energy savings of 66% (or 88W per fitting - 134 circuit watts v. 46 watts) and an increase of about 200 lux in the light level, bringing the average up to a very acceptable 450 lux. The client is delighted with the results and is continuing with the refurbishment of other areas of the school where total annual electricity savings of about £7,000 are expected.

For more details on the GREENLAND range, visit our GREENLAND Weather-Proof Luminaire Range product page.

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