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When easyJet built their two new hangers at Gatwick airport they knew that lighting them correctly would be challenging. At the apex of the roof the fittings would be 16m above the ground, so reliability was essential to reduce maintenance costs and the risks of down-time.

A relatively high light level of 500 lux was required at floor level, with high levels of uniformity, and the client was insistent that the emergency lighting was to be integral in the main fittings, not provided by the use of dedicated twinspots, for example.

Finally, the project was won by Platinum Electrical Engineering Limited of Gateshead, UK, but on a relatively tight budget.

Our first proposal was the OREGON LED 24,000 lumen fitting. It was an economical option and it delivered the light levels required. However, in a value engineering exercise it proved more cost effective to use a smaller number of the more expensive 36,000 lumen OREGON LED fittings, and these were eventually chosen, with a substantial number of M3 variants too.

Between the two easyJet hangers a total of 100 OREGON LED fittings were installed and the client is delighted with the results.

For more details on the OREGON LED range, visit our OREGON LED product page.

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